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Windows STD Plan-1000
Windows CF Plan-1500
Windows DLL Plan-1500
Windows .NET Plan-1500
Windows STD Plan-1500
Windows CF Plan-2500
Windows DLL Plan-2500
Windows .NET Plan-2500
Windows STD Plan-2500
Unix Premium 1000
Unix Premium 1500
Unix Premium 2500

Windows STD Plan-1000Select Others Hosting Plans :
Pricing & Setup (Choose your billing cycle)
Setup Fee N/A
Option 1: Pay Monthly 7.95 USD
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Setup Time 30 Seconds
Quota Allotment
Summary Disk Usage 1000 MB
Summary Traffic 15 GB
Default Disk Space Quota (Adjustable to suit your requirements at no cost) 1000 MB
Domain Resources
Multiple Domain Hosting 3 Domain
Sub Domain 30 Sub Domain
Third Level Domain 30 Third Level Domain
Stopgap Domain 30 Stopgap Domain
Domain Alias 30 Domain Alias
Parked Domain (DNS Hosting) 3 Domain Parked
Mail Domain Alias 3 Mail Domain Alias
Web Services & Tools
CGI with Custom Mapping Free
Own CGI-Bin Directory Free
MS Front Page Support Free
ASP Free
ASP Secured N/A
NET Framework N/A
Server Side Includes (w/ custom file extension) N/A
PHP with GD (Latest stable version) N/A
Perl with GD (Latest stable version) Free
Cold Fusion MX 6.1 N/A
Redirect URL 30 URL
Custom Directory Indexes Free
Pre-installed Commonly Used Components / DLL Free
Custom DLL Components Free
Server Side Image Map N/A
PhpMyAdmin / PhpPgAdmin Free
Web Shell (Advanced File Management Interface) N/A
Password Protected Directories Free
Site Studio Software
(Best Selling Website Creation Tool, WYSIWYG plus tons of templates and features!)
PHP BB 2 Forum Software Free
Custom Error Document Free
MS SQL Server Manager Free
Transfer Log (Access Log) Free
Referrer Log N/A
Agent Log N/A
Error Log N/A
Webalizer Site Statistics Free
Mail Services & Tools
Web Mail Free
Mailbox 300 Mailbox
Default Mailbox Quota (Adjustable to suit your requirements at no cost) 10 MB
Email Auto Responder 30 Auto Responder
Catch All Email Address Free
Mailbox Alias 30 Mailbox Alias
Mail Forward 30 Mail Forward
Mailing List 3 Mailing List
Own SMTP Server Free
IMAP Support Free
Dedicated SSL Module N/A
Shared SSL N/A
OS Commerce Shopping Cart N/A
MySql User 1 User
MySql Database 1 Database
Default MySql Database Quota (Adjustable to suit your requirements at no cost) 50 MB
MS SQL Database N/A
Default MS SQL Database Quota (Adjustable to suit your requirements at no cost) N/A
PgSql User N/A
PgSql Database N/A
Default PgSql Database Quota (Adjustable to suit your requirements at no cost) N/A
Advance Features & Others
Anonymous FTP Server 1 Server
FTP Sub Account N/A
Virtual FTP Server N/A
ODBC Service Free
Custom DNS Records Free
Shell Access N/A
Crontab N/A
Dedicated IP Address Free
Daily Backup Free

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